Lava Lounge Atlanta - Dress Code

Lava Lounge Dress Code

Lava Lounge aims to provide a sophisticated, fun and safe environment for all who walk through our doors. Please take a minute to look at our dress code to be in the know. Look good and come ready to party. We’ll see you there!

  • No Athletic wear: i.e. jerseys, ball caps, sneakers (clean, fashion-oriented athletic shoes may pass), sleeveless shirts, track pants of any variety
  • No baggy, saggy, or ill-fitting clothes of any variety (this includes pants and shirts)
  • Work boots are not allowed: this includes Timberland, Polo, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and any other maker of boots, regardless of cost or color
  • Proper footwear required. No shower shoes, flip flops, etc. Men can wear sandals but they must be fashionable.
  • No camouflage of any variety regardless of cost or color
  • Plain white t-shirts not allowed
  • Pull-over hoodies not allowed
  • No back-packs or excessively large bags (All bags may be subject to search)

**For Special/Local Sporting and Athletic events taking place in the city (ex. Supercross, Final Four, etc), we may permit jerseys and caps of the affiliated teams to be worn.  Please call or email for clarification**

Weapons Policy: Lava Lounge DOES NOT permit the carry of weapons on persons or property on the premises.  All persons and property are subject to search.

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